In the year 1977, Bahawalpur Division was separated from Multan by the Government of the Punjab. At the same time, it approved the BISE Bahawalpur Sanction making it an entirely separate and independent Educational Board.

The following year – February 3rd, 1978 – BISE Bahawalpur started its official functioning in the District. It started its operations in a hired building at that time. In the middle of the same year, after the staff was completed, the Board held its first ever Supplementary Examinations.

The Services Offered By BISE Bahawalpur

Students can get an array of amazing services through the official Board website. These are as follows:

  • Paper Rechecking: Those students that are not pleased with their paper marking can have them rechecked. The official website offers students the choice of taking up the option if they please. All they need to do is fill out a form and the examination session. 
  • Download Challan: Fill out a Challan form online with the required details. It can be for a number of purposes include getting duplicate certificate, N.O.C. fee, name correction fee, migration fee, rechecking fee, miscellaneous fee, and others. 
  • Info Desk: Students can select a number of options under this option. They can file a complaint online, or read FAQs. They can also get office contact details, rules and regulations, the criteria for marking, OCAS, and PEEF. 
  • Application For NOC: All the students need to do is log on to the official website and apply for an N.O.C. They will find a form. Students need to fill out the details. 
  • Online Results: From the latest results to the old ones, students have the freedom to look at their desired results only by entering their needed details which might include their Roll No. and Name. 
  • Teacher’s Profile: The students can check out the profile of their desired teachers to find out all about them. All they need to do is enter the Teacher Coke or CNIC or User name.
  • Marking Center: The students can also find out their marking centers online if they are not sure. All they need to do is enter their user name and password along with the examination and year.

Operations Of BIAS Bahawalpur

The following are the operations that are conducted under the Bahawalpur Board:

  • Offers all the needed information or data related to its HSSC/SSC Examination Candidates to the Government.
  • It ensures the conduction of smooth and productive examinations of Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels.
  • Provides a certificate to all those candidates that have cleared their examinations.
  • Provides an N.O.C. to those students requesting it for various purpose.
  • Name correction 
  • Paper rechecking
  • Issuing result cards/certificates.
  • Providing duplicate result cards/certificates.
  • Providing migration certificates
  • Conducting extra-curricular activities within its jurisdiction 
  • Awarding medals, scholarships to high level candidates. 

BISE Bahawalpur – The Team And Working

For the most part, there are 10 members in the BIAS Bahawalpur team. But the two main controlling members are:

  • The Chairperson
  • The Controller Of Examination

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