Bise Sahiwal Board

Oct 1, 2020

On June 15th, 2012, the official Sahiwal Board came into being. Its establishment was commissioned by the Government of the Punjab’s Higher Education Department (HED). However, before the establishment of BISE Sahiwal, the districts of Pakpattan and Sahiwal both were being operated and facilitated by the Board of Multan. Whereas when it came Okara district, BISE Lahore was facilitating it. 

The institution has although autonomous powers to make all the rules, but still the Government of the Punjab is the controlling authority. The official body has to generate its own funds and is not aided by any Government or Semi-Government agencies. The funds are either collected through the conduction of examinations or fee. 

BISE Sahiwal Operations

We will have a look at all those operations that are conducted under the BISE Sahiwal:

  • They ensure to conduct productive and smooth examinations on Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels.
  • They register new students to conduct their examinations.
  • They offer certificates and degrees to candidates that have cleared their examinations.
  • They offer N.O.Cs. and migration certificates.
  • They assist in correcting the student’s name or father’s name.
  • They provide original result cards/certificates.
  • They provide duplicate result cards/certificates. 
  • They recheck answer books on request.
  • They award scholarships, medals and prizes to deserving students. 
  • They arrange for events and co-curricular activities within their Jurisdiction.

 BISE Sahiwal Managing Body

Just like most of the other Boards, BISE Sahiwal too is operated by three main officials which includes:

  • The Chairperson
  • The Examination Controller
  • The Secretary

Other than these officials, there may be officers that are appointed by the controlling authority including DPE and Audit Officer.

There are also a number of committees of the Board as well. These are as:

  • Finance Committee
  • Committee of Courses
  • Appointments Committee
  • Committee for appointing head-examiners and paper-setters

Services Offered By BISE Sahiwal

Just like all other boards in Punjab, BISE Sahiwal too is committed to serving its students by offering comforting services for their ease and convenience. Let us have a look at these services:

  • Online Results: Just by entering their required details, students can view their results on the official website of the Board of Sahiwal. 
  • Online Complaints: If students have any complaints they need to register, they don’t need to go all the way down to the Board office. They can pretty much do it over the internet through the official website. Moreover, they can keep on checking the status of their complaints online as well. 
  • News & Updates: Ifstudents are looking for any kind of new or updates related to the Board, its working, any new development, they can always log on to the website to find out everything. Maybe there has been a delay in the examination or a new schedule has been announced. All of these news and updates are published on the website. Moreover, there are also Press Releaseannouncing any latest update, launch or similar news on the website for the ease and convenience of the students. 
  • Notifications: Every now and then, a new development is being made and these are notified to the students under the section.
  • Scholarships: All those students that are exceptional and need to continue their education but do not have the means can still have faith and hope as BISE Sahiwal aims at awarding Scholarships to them.
  • Info Desk: There are a lot of information related to a lot of concerns students can get under this section including rules, affiliated banks, filling out bubble sheets, FQAs, online grading system, online billing system, events and a lot more. 
  • Online Challans & Applications: Usually students had to go to the board office to get Challan forms and other forms of applications. But now they can fill out a Challan or any application online through the official website. Log on for more details and queries. 
  • Online Migration & N.O.C.: Those students that are planning to migrate to another institute or require an N.O.C. for any purpose can file an application online. All they need to do is state the purpose of the N.O.C. along with the needed details, or the institute from which they wish to migrate to the next one with required information.

Jurisdictions Of BISE Sahiwal

There are three main Districts that fall under the Jurisdiction of this Body. These are:

  • Sahiwal District 
  • Okara 
  • Pakpattan 

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