Read and Download 9th Class Maths Books English Medium Chapter wise.

Chapter 1Matrices and DeterminantsDownload
Chapter 2Real and Complex NumbersDownload
Chapter 3LogarithmsDownload
Chapter 4Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic FormulasDownload
Chapter 5FactorisationDownload
Chapter 6Algebraic ManipulationDownload
Chapter 7Linear Equations and InequalitiesDownload
Chapter 8Linear Graphs & Their ApplicationDownload
Chapter 9Introduction to Coordinate GeometryDownload
Chapter 10Congruent TrianglesDownload
Chapter 11Parallelograms and TrianglesDownload
Chapter 12Line Bisectors and Angle BisectorsDownload
Chapter 13Sides and Angles of a TriangleDownload
Chapter 14Ratio and ProportionDownload
Chapter 15Pythagras’s TheoremDownload
Chapter 16Theorems Related with AreaDownload

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